The Ohio State University Sesquicentennial

A celebration of all that Buckeyes are, all we have accomplished and all that is yet to come.

Carmen Collection: 1968 and the OSU34

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Since its founding in 1870, The Ohio State University has epitomized the belief that in educating our citizenry, we ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and as a society. In academic year 2019-2020, The Ohio State University will mark 150 years with a global celebration for all Buckeyes. Join us as we honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today and envision and embrace our future.

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A storied and proud history of 150 years deserves a fitting celebration. Impress your friends and share your excitement with the proper pronunciation thanks to our partners at WOSU.

Sesquicentennial goals

  1. We will honor and explore our history.

    We will recognize Ohio State’s many accomplishments across disciplines and throughout the communities we serve, and acknowledge those who made them possible.

    We will rediscover the origins of our most beloved traditions and explore their evolution to connect generations of Buckeyes with each other and the university.

    We will disseminate the history of our great land-grant university in observance of our motto: “Education for Citizenship.”

  2. We will celebrate who we are today.

    We will demonstrate all we do to strengthen our position as a national flagship public research university, aligned with our strategic plan, the 2020 Vision for the university and our brand.

    We will express gratitude for the support, dedication, generosity, compassion, leadership and camaraderie of our faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, volunteers, donors, patients, friends, fans and neighbors.

    We will demonstrate and deepen our commitment to community engagement, connecting locally and globally with Buckeyes in the many places they call home.

  3. We will envision and embrace our future.

    We will inspire Buckeyes to explore ways in which Ohio State is uniquely positioned to uplift the world, leveraging our progressive general education themes. 

    We will convene discussions on issues of local, national and global importance, engaging our vast network of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to make innovative and meaningful change.

    We will lead the dialogue on topics of significance to the future of higher education, helping to ensure ever-greater access to an excellent and affordable education.