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A celebration of all that Buckeyes are, all we have accomplished and all that is yet to come

Since its founding in 1870, The Ohio State University has epitomized the belief that in educating our citizenry, we ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and as a society. In academic year 2019-2020, The Ohio State University will mark 150 years with a global celebration for all Buckeyes. Join us as we honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today and envision and embrace our future.

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A storied and proud history of 150 years deserves a fitting celebration. Impress your friends and share your excitement with the proper pronunciation thanks to our partners at WOSU.


Sesquicentennial goals 


We will honor and explore our history.

We will recognize Ohio State’s many accomplishments across disciplines and throughout the communities we serve, and acknowledge those who made them possible.

We will rediscover the origins of our most beloved traditions and explore their evolution to connect generations of Buckeyes with each other and the university.

We will disseminate the history of our great land-grant university in observance of our motto: “Education for Citizenship.”

We will celebrate who we are today.

We will demonstrate all we do to strengthen our position as a national flagship public research university, aligned with our strategic plan, the 2020 Vision for the university and our brand.

We will express gratitude for the support, dedication, generosity, compassion, leadership and camaraderie of our faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, volunteers, donors, patients, friends, fans and neighbors.

We will demonstrate and deepen our commitment to community engagement, connecting locally and globally with Buckeyes in the many places they call home.

We will envision and embrace our future.

We will inspire Buckeyes to explore ways in which Ohio State is uniquely positioned to uplift the world, leveraging our progressive general education themes.

We will convene discussions on issues of local, national and global importance, engaging our vast network of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to make innovative and meaningful change.

We will lead the dialogue on topics of significance to the future of higher education, helping to ensure ever-greater access to an excellent and affordable education.

Signature Programs

Sesquicentennial Academic Summit Series

As part of the sesquicentennial celebration, we will convene a series of academic reputation summits, each with a distinct focus. Concepts currently under consideration include the future of higher education, examining the role of land-grant universities in the 21st century, the engagement- and collaboration-rich Columbus community, and innovations in teaching and learning and general education curriculum. These summits serve as important opportunities to engage with our community partners and institutional peers while highlighting our outstanding academic and research capabilities.

Sesquicentennial History of Ohio State Open Course

We will demonstrate our continued land-grant commitment to educating our citizens by offering our popular History of Ohio State course online and at no charge during the sesquicentennial year. This exciting, non-credit course will be available to anyone who is interested in learning more about the origins of Ohio State traditions, the physical evolution of our campuses, the shaping of our educational philosophy, notable turning points in our history and the contributions of students, faculty and staff to Ohio State and the world.

Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program

In the 2019–20 academic year, we will award 150 sesquicentennial scholarships to students across the university, representing all colleges and campuses. These sesquicentennial scholarships will reinforce our commitment to increasing access and affordability while recognizing outstanding academic ability. Additionally, sesquicentennial scholars will receive leadership training and professional development support through the university’s comprehensive leadership program, and serve as sesquicentennial ambassadors at programs and events and in sesquicentennial marketing communications materials.

Sesquicentennial Signature Publication

A magazine-format keepsake storytelling piece will be produced in honor of this special occasion. The sesquicentennial signature publication will be distributed to all faculty, staff and students, and mailed to Buckeye Nation. This special piece will share the stories of students, faculty and staff who have shaped and defined the university throughout its 150-year history, as well as offer a glimpse at what is yet to come in our next 150 years. 

Sesquicentennial Photographic History Book

We will celebrate our sesquicentennial with a photographic history of the university — images, maps and icons dating from the earliest days of the university to the present. The book will visually tell the story of Ohio State’s past, who we are today and will give a special nod to what our future may hold. Created from the collections of University Archives, this coffee table book will include more than 300 rarely seen photographs and will be published by The Ohio State University Press. The sesquicentennial book will be available for purchase through university channels and retail partners. 

Sesquicentennial Mini-Documentary Series

The award-winning team behind WOSU’s “Columbus Neighborhoods” series will produce a mini-documentary series highlighting Ohio State’s storied history and the turning points that made the university what it is today. In addition, we will create a series of unique 360-degree virtual tours featuring iconic Ohio State locations. This immersive experience will give Buckeyes around the world access to the thrill of beloved Ohio State experiences.

The Carmen Collection

Too often, history is written from a single perspective. A university has a responsibility to cultivate an appreciation for, and understanding of, the many voices that shape its history. Ohio State’s sesquicentennial is an opportunity to ensure we are living our institutional values by amplifying voices lost or ignored over the decades. 

The Carmen Collection will do just that with a historical exploration of the experiences, challenges and accomplishments of Buckeyes whose stories are often lost in the pages of history. In honor of our sesquicentennial, these stories — which are difficult to find or simply not well known ­­— will be uncovered, shared and given their place in the university’s history and the collective consciousness of Buckeye Nation. Through acknowledgement of the influence and impact of those who helped to shape who we have become, we will further advance our vision of Ohio State as a world class model of inclusive academic excellence.

Sesquicentennial Office

Nikia Reveal

Sesquicentennial Director

212V Ohio Stadium

1961 Tuttle Park Place

Columbus, OH 43210



Todd Avery

Sesquicentennial Assistant

212U Ohio Stadium

1961 Tuttle Park Place

Columbus, OH 43210




Anne Montalto

Sesquicentennial Coordinator

212S Ohio Stadium

1961 Tuttle Park Place

Columbus, OH 43210



Tyler Osborne

Sesquicentennial Archives Assistant

University Archives

2700 Kenny Rd

Columbus, OH 43210





Executive Sponsors

Javaune Adams-Gaston, Office of Student Life

Michael Eicher, Office of University Advancement

Katie Hall, Office of the President

Bruce McPheron, Office of Academic Affairs



Core Team Members

Julie Anstine, Office of University Advancement

Nick Chordas, Office of University Communications

Tamar Chute, University Archives, University Libraries

Jessie Eveland, Office of the Board of Trustees

Justin Fincher, The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Ben Givens, University Senate

Liz Gordon-Canlas, University Staff Advisory Committee

Abby Greene, Undergraduate Student Government

Kathleen Kemp, Office of Academic Affairs

Nikia Reveal, Office of the President

Julie Scott, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Kellie Uhrig, Office of Student Life

Tracey Walterbusch, Council of Graduate Students




The Sesquicentennial Internship Program provides students with the unique opportunity to honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today, and envision and embrace our future through direct participation in the implementation of sesquicentennial signature programming. Through experiential learning opportunities, students work closely with university faculty and staff, and contribute to meaningful, significant work while gaining valuable professional experience that is beneficial to educational and career goals.



When will the sesquicentennial take place?

The Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College on March 22, 1870. The 150th anniversary of our university’s founding is a yearlong celebration that spans the 2019–20 academic year (August 2019 through the summer of 2020).

Why do we celebrate our sesquicentennial?

The university’s sesquicentennial gives us the unique opportunity to honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today and envision and embrace our future as a national flagship public research university.

What other anniversaries has Ohio State marked?

Ohio State has marked a number of anniversaries. Celebrations occurred in 1920, 1948 (delayed due to WWII), 1970 and 1995. More information about those events is available here: https://library.osu.edu/projects/anniversaries/.

What are the plans for marking the celebration?

In addition to the signature programs above, planning has begun to incorporate sesquicentennial programming into existing marquee campus programs and events — such as convocation, commencement, homecoming, etc. — in the 2019-20 academic year. Colleges and units across campus are also planning programs and celebrations in honor of the sesquicentennial.

Who will benefit from the sesquicentennial?

The sesquicentennial is for all Buckeyes. The university’s sesquicentennial anniversary honors all who have been, are and will be part of the university’s continued focus to uplift lives through educating students, creating and discovering new knowledge and solutions and engaging communities here and around the world. It is a celebration of all that we have accomplished and of all that is yet to come. 

Will there be events on all campuses?

The sesquicentennial initiative will be global in scale and include all Buckeyes. It will incorporate all regional campus locations, all 88 Ohio counties, alumni clubs and societies and the university’s global gateways.

How can I get involved? How do I contribute an idea?

More information on how to engage directly with the sesquicentennial will be available in the coming weeks and months. Can't wait? Send ideas and questions to 150@osu.edu

How does this tie into university’s strategic plan?

The university’s sesquicentennial gives us the unique opportunity to honor and explore our history, celebrate who we are today and envision and embrace our future as a national flagship public research university.

What Ohio State does matters. Our responsibility over the next 150 years is to be a fixed beacon to illuminate the path to the American Dream and address the most pressing issues of our time.

To make the next bold leap in Ohio State’s land-grant history of excellence and impact, we aspire to be a leading national flagship public research university. Our strategic plan guides and informs programs and priorities throughout the university. Planning and implementation of the sesquicentennial celebration will be considered in the same manner.

How will the university pay for the sesquicentennial programming?

Funding will come from sponsorships, philanthropic contributions and non-academic revenue. No tuition dollars will be used to fund the anniversary activities.

Do other schools host similar events?

Yes. Land-grant universities were established beginning in 1862. A number of schools, both in the Big Ten and across the country, have celebrated or will celebrate milestone anniversaries. 

Share in the celebration

A celebration this big needs support from across the university. Sign up for opportunities to play a role in our sesquicentennial.

Feature Ohio State’s sesquicentennial on your webpage or in you print materials by downloading guidlines and assets here.

Connect with the Sesquicentennial Office at 150@osu.edu.

Sesquicentennial Office 212 Ohio Stadium 1961 Tuttle Park Place Columbus, OH 43210